A Winter Photo Shoot... In the snow!

   What, you want me to do a photoshoot in the snow!? Has my photographer gone crazy? Yes, a photo session in the snow seems a bit... cold, but it can be a ton of fun and make for some great shots.  Yes, bringing your family out into the snow for a family photo shoot might not work for you (unless you plan on wearing parkas... which could totally be a fun photo :), but, individual shoots can be a lot of fun.  I wanted to share a fun photo shoot that I did as a gift for my sister for Christmas. These were taken in Indiana, after all, in Georgia you don't often get a chance for a photo session in the snow! Although, if we do get some snow again this year, I would love to do some fun snow sessions!  Here are a few shots from my sister's session.



   Don't get me wrong, it was definitely cold, but it really was fun and I think the photos turned out great!  I am pretty sure my sister had fun too.  I got to wear my winter coat the whole time and she didn't, so she may disagree, haha!  Actually, she was a pretty good sport.  We walked through the woods and got caught on brambles and slipped on ice a bit, but I think it was totally worth it! We had a few laughs and ended up with these great shots and more.  So, if you have ever considered a fun, snow covered photo shoot, go for it! And call me when it snows! :)