Creating A Cohesive Wardrobe For Your Family Photo Shoot

Creating A Wardrobe For Your Family Photo Shoot

     So, this is my very first blog. I have struggled with whether or not I wanted to create a blog.  I wondered... "What should I write about?" (who knows) , "Who would even bother reading it?" (maybe my mom), "Do I even know what I am doing?" (not really). But, in the end I decided I would give it a shot!  I am sure you are wondering if this is going to be a blog about blogging?... No, I wouldn't do that to you ;)  For my first blog I wanted to share a few ideas on creating a wardrobe for a family photo shoot.

     The photo below is of my family.  I took this photo back in 2012 ( let me tell you, that was fun :/  But, that's a different story!) For this photo shoot, I chose black as the base color for all of our outfits, ie. my dress & jacket were black, my husbands shirt was black, my daughter had a black jacket, tights, & boots, and my son had a black blazer.  Then I added pops of maroon throughout. My boot socks & scarf, my husband had a matching tie, my daughter's dress & the flower on her head wrap, and my sons tie were all matching shades of maroon.  The trick is to not go overboard with your "color pop" It is best to do just a touch of the color on each person.  For example, try not to give everyone a matching maroon shirt... that lacks interest and texture. This is probably the simplest way to choose a wardrobe for your family.  Just choose your base and then choose a color that you like as your "color pop".

     Below is a photo that was taken of my family in 2016 by Kaitlynn Deboy Photography.  I used the same basic rules, although I incorporated a little bit of pattern this time.  My dress had an overall pattern and my husband's shirt had a stripe.  Otherwise, we stuck with cobalt blue and ivory and went with an overall two-tone effect.  Either of these looks work and are fairly easy to create.  Just start with a favorite piece and then build on that! It's super easy and your end photographs will be worth the time you spent planning your wardrobe!

photo credit Kaitlynn Deboy Photography

photo credit Kaitlynn Deboy Photography